Director’s Notes

In a world so attached to labels, I’m not sure which this work should carry. Forgoing traditional forms and structures, our intention was to explore different physical vocabularies for conveying lived experiences, from one person to another. How does one communicate isolation? Confusion? Agony? In a world where people are increasingly defined by one liner social networking summations, how do we strengthen the visceral connection between artist and viewer?  

Greatly influenced by existential philosophy, Scottish psychiatrist and writer RD Laing revolutionised the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Laing invited patients to give accounts of their lives and experiences with psychosis and initiated live-in communities where patients and therapists lived together in asylum. The spoken text within the piece comes from Laing’s clients, and from men and women currently struggling against mental illness. The physical content comes from improvisations, choreographic scores and the individual physical ramblings of the artists.

An enormous thanks goes to the cast and crew of the show. Your patience with me and my steep learning curve, and your dedication and professionalism to the project have meant the world.

Cast: Venettia Millar, Paige Walker-Carlton, Joshua Hoare

Multimedia: Jeremy Hannaford

A collaborative, physical exploration of madness, directed by Joshua Hoare

Lighting Operator/Stage manager: Cindy Cavero 

Sound Operator/Stage manager: Pucha Plaithong 

A huge acknowledgement to Aerialize Sydney Aerial theatre for donating valuable time and space in an environment where we have very little time and space. Special thanks to Jackie Farkas for your priceless advice, encouragement, and time.

Congratulations to Sydney Fringe for providing a platform for independent artists in Sydney to show the work they want to make.

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