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  • Values

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    Artistic Excellence and Authenticity

    The circus artist has access to truths unavailable to other artists.

    Every artist, act and spectacle contains embodied metaphors of the human condition. The trials, weaknesses and successes central to any human life are illuminated in hyper realism before our eyes. 

    I believe in Circus as the Art of Heroism, fragility being an intrinsic part of any hero.

    I believe in Art as a verb, a process of reflection and meaning making, rather than an object, static and separate.

    I believe in standing on the shoulders of giants, honouring the traditions out of which contemporary circus is born, and rejoicing in its unimagined future. 

    ‘Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.'

    Winston Churchill

    photo credit: Sam Oster Silvertrace

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    Intercultural Connection

    Culture is the listening ears and articulating lips we use to make sense of the world, and carve out our place within it.

    As connectivity increases in our global village, intercultural understanding and communication is essential to being the strongest form of ourselves. Intrinsic to our disparate cultures are the values that form their central core. The visible and audible differences amongst cultures being the outward manifestations of these core values. With greater experience and understanding comes the acknowledgement that, often, the values that underpin differences of appearance and behaviour, are actually similar or the same.

    Photo Credit Steven McManis

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    Extraordinary Bodies in Extraordinary circumstances

    When we witness the Circus artist, she becomes exemplary for her whole public. He becomes a reachable god, a contemporary mythology of flying and superhuman strength that inspires, shocks and provokes. We are simultaneously drawn to and repelled by the circus artist. Attracted by her seduction and charm, and repelled by his potential failure. We recognise our own human-ness in her, our god-like ability to achieve unimaginable feats, and out ultimate mortality, that we too are limited by gravity and time. 

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  • History and CV

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    SA Circus Centre home of Cirkidz

    Artistic Director, Joint CEO


    "...it was clear that under Artistic Director Joshua Hoare the company had taken a new and exciting direction..." Peter Burdon, the Advertiser


    Joint CEO and Artistic Director at SA Circus Centre home of Cirkidz.

    Key Input:

    *Artistic visioning and programming

    *Head Coach

    *Business development and Grant writing.


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    Education and Training

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    • Masters in Applied Linguistics (intercultural communication) University of New England, 2012
    • Bachelors degree in Arts, University of Sydney, 2009
    • Bachelor of Circus Arts, Swinburne University of Technology, 2007
    • Cert IV in small business administration 2008
    • President Student Rep Council, Inverell High School, HSC 2001
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    2008-2016 Absolute Acrobatics

    Founding Artist

    Acrobatic entertainment founded with Phillip Tompson in 2008 Absolute Acrobatics has performed across Australia and in Asia.

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