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We, the Unseen


‘Truly a remarkable and fascinating show’ Justin Boden TREV 


‘Powerful and moving to watch’ Susannah Sweeney creative producer Come out Festival

This work continues an exploration that we as a company, and an ensemble, began 3 years ago with our first work ‘Nest.’ This is essentially a search for belonging. 

We are lucky and privileged to be able to dedicate ourselves to circus, when many in the world including children and young people are not afforded the same luxury. We now live in a world where persecution, conflict, generalised violence, and human rights violations have formed a ‘nation of the displaced’ that, if they were a country, would make up the 24th largest in the world.  (United Nations, Population Division, World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision, New York, 2013. ) Where do we as artists, as Circus folk, as young people belong in an everchanging world? Initial launch points for devising were ideas around seeing and vision, light and gaze. Through the devising process, ideas of travelling and displacement came to the fore including a name change decided upon by the ensemble.

Production Team

Director: Joshua Hoare 

Production Manager: Nathan D’Agostino

Set and Props Design: Mark Timberlake

Composition and sound design: Sascha Budimski 

Interactive projection design: Michael Marner

Lighting Designer: Aaron Herczeg 

Stage Manager: Laura Palombella

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